Nain cops grounded - Police station without service vehicle for more than three months

June 19, 2017
The Nain Police Station in St Elizabeth
The police on foot patrol.
Minister of National Security Robert Montague (left) and Cedric Allen, Superintendent in charge of the Telecoms Division, examine newly acquired pre-owned police vehicles last November.

The lone police service vehicle at the Nain Police Station in St Elizabeth has been out of service for more than three months.

THE STAR has been told that police officers have resorted to walking to a crime scenes in the area, as the Suzuki Jimmy motor vehicle assigned to the station has not been working.

Residents said the lack of mobility has severely impacted law-enforcement and community policing activities.

"We nah see the police dem. No visibility at all for months now," one resident said.

He said that with the lack of visibility, "wrongdoers dem just a go round and bruck yuh place.

"All kind of things happen when the presence of the police is missing. Dem need fi get a vehicle quick and step up back the patrol."




Our news team was told that there have been a string of robberies and housebreaking in the last month.

"A long time mi nuh see the police dem, but mi never know dem nuh have no drive. It wicked, 'cause a Junction the next station deh. So if we have emergency, weh we a go do?," a female resident questioned.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Nadine Grant-Brown, head of the St Elizabeth police, told THE STAR that she is aware of the issue.

"It's not Nain alone. There are other stations that don't have a vehicle, but they are assisted by Junction and Santa Cruz," she said.

"When there is an emergency, we have several vehicles, depending on where it (the incident) happens. We have some sections that are close to Santa Cruz, we have the highway out by Gutters, and we have Junction. We have Alligator Pond nearby. We utilise the resources that are available, depending on where. Even though Alligator Pond has issues sometime, we have to assist, depending on how close and whatever the emergency is. Vehicles are for the entire force, so wherever the emergency is, we will go there."

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