British woman sentenced for $3m worth of drugs

June 20, 2017

A British woman, who was nabbed at the Sangster International Airport back in February, when she tried to board a flight to Germany with ganja and cocaine in her luggage, was sentenced when she appeared in the St James Parish Court yesterday.

Alaha Robotham was charged with possession of cocaine, attempting to export cocaine, possession of ganja, and attempting to export ganja.

Reports are that Robotham was held with drugs valuing about $3 million. It is said that the cocaine and ganja were found in canned products inside her suitcase when she tried to board the flight on February 15.

For the possession of cocaine charge, she was fined $850,000 or six months in prison, while for attempting to export cocaine she was fined $1 million or six months in prison. Her other sentences were $15,000 or six months in prison for possession of ganja, and $492,300 or six months in prison for attempting to export ganja.

The sentences for each offence will run concurrently.

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