Residents tired of scandal bag toilets

June 20, 2017

The lack of proper bathroom facilities has forced some residents in the inner-city community of Trench Town to find other ways to get rid of their waste.

Without a toilet, scandal and plastic bags are the receptacles that some residents use to pass their bodily waste in.

One resident, Sophia Reid, said that they are in need of new bathroom facilities, but more so toilets, as the ones that some of them use are very old and in a dilapidated state.

"The place want fix up, and we want some more toilet. The toilet dem deh fi abandon now cause a long time dem deh ya, so some a dem want fix up," she told THE STAR.

"People nah use them again. The people dem a s... in scandal bag and a throw it in a rubbish pan and a mess up the place."

However, a man in another section of Trench Town told THE STAR that when passing through particular sections of the community, they have to be weary of scandal bags containing faeces as they are sometimes used as missiles.

"If yuh go round deh so and a walk dem zing the bag afta yuh. Yuh have some people weh a zing the bag. More time yuh all a walk, and one just sail afta yuh. If yuh go pon certain street, yuh can see all bag and s... same way," the resident said.




THE STAR tried unsuccessfully to reach member of parliament for the area, Omar Davies. Several calls to his cell phone went unanswered.

Despite never hearing about persons tossing bags with faeces at other individuals, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the police's Constabulary Communications Unit, warns that this practice may lead to conflicts among residents.

"It doesn't take much to start conflicts in these communities. Anything that offends persons and is left unresolved, could result in conflict," she told THE STAR.

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