Twenty gran fine for nearly 10 pounds of weed

June 20, 2017

A St Catherine man, who was held with almost 10 pounds of ganja, has been slapped with $20,800 fine.

The man, Devon Douglas of Browns Hall, St Catherine, appeared before Tara Reid-Carr on Monday. He plead guilty to possession of ganja but not guilty to dealing in ganja.

He was fined $20,800 or an alternate of 20 days imprisonment.

An application by his attorney at law to have the judge dismiss the charge of dealing with ganga was turned down by the judge.

Judge Reid-Carr ruled that Douglas should return to court on August 8 to be tried for that offence. The allegations are that the police searched Douglas house after he was suspected to have involved in a case of larceny. During the search, vegetable matter resembling ganja and weighing nine and a half pounds, was discovered inside a closet.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with possession and dealing in ganja.

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