Fantastic Four - Portmore couple welcomes quadruplets after losing twins last year

June 21, 2017
Parents, Codenia Miller (left) and George Miller, are excited about the birth of their four kids.


"Blow wow! A true? Check again," were the first words that a shocked George Clarke uttered when doctors at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston told him that his partner, Codenia Miller, gave birth to quadruplets last Thursday.

The parents explained that all throughout the pregnancy, they were expecting triplets.

"I really think it's a miracle because we were expecting three babies, and then when in the delivery room, an extra one came that nobody knew about. I used to monitor weekly, and it never showed in the ultrasound or anything," Miller said, as she spoke about the birth of her three daughters and one son.

However, this is not the Portmore, St Catherine, couple's first multiple birth. They welcomed their twin boys into the world on July 23 last year at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). Unfortunately, they passed away at two months.

"They were born prematurely, and the virus that was going around up there, they couldn't fight it as much because their lungs weren't fully developed," Miller explained.

"It was really rough. I got up everyday and cried. I don't get over it yet, but these babies came along and cheer me up a little bit more."

Both 28-years-old, the parents said they cannot get enough of their four little bundles of joy named, Keeran (boy), Kerah, Keyah, and Kayla. They were named based on their mother's middle name, Kerah.


Extremely happy


Clarke, who works on the production line at Jamaica Broilers, said he visits twice everyday at the hospital.

"Even before them born, every doctor visit I'm there. When them born now, I ask my supervisors for time in the mornings to come look for them and spend a 10 minutes with them, then go to work, and then after work, me come back again," Clarke said between huge grins.

He added that his coworkers are extremely happy for him, and constantly tease him about his 'prowess'.

"Them ask a wah inna me back," Clarke chuckled, as he noted that his aunt also has a pair of twins.

The quadruplets, who were born at 32 weeks, some eight weeks before full terms, are currently in incubators. Two are being treated for jaundice, but paediatrician Dr Samantha Walker said they are healthy and are developing well.

Both parents said despite losing their premature twins last year, they are trusting God's plan for their quadruplets.

"I just try to think positive, and try my best not to think about the past honestly," Miller said,

When asked if they plan on having more children, the couple said no, before Clarke added, "Look how Jamaica hard! But as long as me have life, me will stand by them."

Conceding that it is going to be difficult providing for the children on a single income, the family is asking for assistance.

"We'd like play pens, strollers, diapers, wipes, bath products, food, those types of things," Miller said.

The Clarke quadruplets are the first to be born at the Jubilee Hospital in recorded history. The last quadruplets born on the island were, the Hirds, born in 2008 at UHWI.

Those wishing to assist may contact Codenia Miller at 333-8065.

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