Mother mourns loss of promising daughter

June 21, 2017
Shantel Wright
Shantel Wright

Instead of planning a party to celebrate her daughter's 21st birthday, Carol Williams is now looking to plan Shantel Wright's funeral, after she was found dead in cane field in Little London, Westmoreland, last Friday, just three days before her birthday.

"Whosoever it be, is a wicked, heartless person. I don't think that person has a child because that person is really heartless to know that a young lady, 21 years old really trying to make her life, and just take her life like that," Williams bemoaned as she spoke with THE STAR on Monday.

Williams last saw her daughter last Wednesday.

"We had a little drink out at my shop and all of us was there partying. When she ready to leave she say, 'Mommy, me a go down because me have to go to work a morning and me tired,' and mi give her the key," Williams said.

Further reports are that Shantel left the party with a senior officer attached to the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station, and she was not seen or heard from until she was found dead last Friday.

Williams, who lives in Little London, described her daughter as a promising young woman, who had a bright future ahead of her. Shantel attended Frome Technical, and attained 11 Caribbean Examination Certificate subjects.


Really struggle


She added that Shantel had a passion for law, and was accepted to study in Canada after high school, but could not finance it.

"She grew up and see that I really struggle to take care of them, so she worked hard," Williams, a mother of five, said. She added that her daughter landed multiple jobs before getting her final job as a secretary at the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station. She worked there for 10 months until she was murdered.

The death has taken a toll on the family, especially Shantel's sister, 19-year-old Jonian Wright, who posted a heart-rending video on social media venting her pain and calling for justice for her sister. Angry family members and residents also mounted a roadblock in Little London last Saturday.

News of Shantel's death has been making the rounds in the media, particularly because of allegations being made against a police officer. In addition, images of her dead body in the cane field are being heavily circulated online.

These factors are making it particularly difficult for Carol Williams to cope, but she said she is leaving it all in God's hands.

The Police High Commission had issued a release stating that it is aware of allegations of the possible involvement of one of its police officers. They said the officer has been reassigned, and is co-operating with investigations, but there is no evidence of his involvement in the crime to date.

The police are yet to establish a motive or make an arrest in the killing.

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