Shocking! - CDA says parents could lose custody of boy over sexual video

June 21, 2017
File Rochelle Dixon



The Child Development Agency (CDA) says the parents of a young boy being sexual groomed by a woman in a video that has gone viral on social media could lose custody of the child if it is found that it was their negligence which led to the ordeal.

Rochelle Dixon, public relations and communications manager at CDA, said that while the agency prefers when children stay with their parents, if it is found that it was their negligence that caused the boy to be exposed to the sexual act, then they may lose custody to a responsible relative.

"If they are not able to take care of the child, then we could look to some relative who would be able to provide proper supervision," Dixon told THE STAR.


Strip naked


In the video, the woman told the boy that he would have to pay before she would allow him to have sexual intercourse with her. Obliging to her suggestion, he took some money from his pocket and placed it on a side table. She then asked the boy to strip naked, exposing his genitals.

After viewing the video, one person said, "This is child abuse and she should be reported."

Meanwhile, Dixon said that the video is "shocking", and if the CDA should get a hold of the boy's parents they would have to explain why the boy was in the company of the woman.

"Is this someone who they left the boy with? Who is this person? Is she aware that the child is displaying these tendencies? Is she aware that the child is being sexually groomed?," Dixon said, noting that these are some of the questions the CDA would pose to the parents if they are found.

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