South St Andrew residents want better infrastructure

June 23, 2017
A resident of a yard on Collie Smith Drive points to stagnant water that seeps through a nearby manhole. The citizens worry about the potential health risks.
Some Trench Town residents say they want to see zinc fences like these removed and walls erected in their place.

Lack of working street lights, no running water in pipes, sewage systems that malfunction or don't work at all, and improper housing and bathroom facilities are few of the problems hampering some areas of the South St Andrew constituency.

Residents of Trench Town say improving infrastructure should be high on the agenda of the aspiring member of parliament, Mark Golding, who is expected to retain the seat for the People's National Party when the by-election is called.

"We want dem fi tek dung the zinc dem and build wall," Tishema Grant told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Cynthia Robinson believes Dr Omar Davies' successor should prioritise what he believes the community needs rather than have the residents dictate. But she, too, would like to see better infrastructure.

"Bruck dung the old fence dem because we woulda like fi see wi yard look nice. So we woulda appreciate if Mr Golding can do that," Robinson said.

Sophia Reid believes if improvements are made to the community, the crime that plagues the area would reduce.

"All dem old place want lick dung. That's why so much gunman deh ova ya too, cause dem a look place fi hide. So yu see if dem place ya lick dung and di place look like dem housing scheme like up a Jungle deh so, me feel seh di place would better. Yu can't stop crime enuh, but me feel say it woulda likkle bit better," Reid said.




Other residents want employment opportunities for the young people in the community.

Davies is set to exit representational politics on June 29. Golding says he plans to use some of the money allocated to the MP to do some work and to make representations on behalf of the people to various agencies responsible for infrastructure-related matters.

"I want to work closely with the Trench Town Development Council and some of the other key stakeholders who have developed a vision for community tourism development to see how we can get the Airbnb possibilities understood and expanded for citizens who want to take advantage of visitors who want to come to Trench Town and see culture and history sites that exist," he said.

Golding said he has started to assist several small businesses and will continue to do so after he officially enters representational politics.

"The economy isn't generating jobs at the pace that is necessary for everybody who wants a job to have a job. Some people have to create their own employment, and that is an area where I think, as MP, I can assist," he said, noting there were many entrepreneurs in the constituency who just need some working capital and a piece of equipment.

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