Fleet Street on edge following mass shooting

June 24, 2017
Inspector Jacqueline Ricketts, sub-officer in charge of Gold Street Police Station, comforts Julia Hird, (centre) mother of 11-year-old Taysha Hughes, yesterday. Taysha was shot dead near her home on Fleet Street, Central Kingston, on Thursday night.

Ronald Thwaites, the member of parliament for Central Kingston, has called on residents of Fleet Street not to seek revenge for the death of Taysha Hughes, an 11 year old child, who was murdered by thugs in the community on Thursday night.

"I am advising calm, I am advising against retaliation," Thwaites said.

According to the communication unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Hughes was among a group of persons standing along the roadway when men, wearing masks, came up and opened fire.

Seven persons were shot, among them Hughes and Richard Allen. The police said Allen, 26, was among the men who launched the attack.

Thwaites, who visited Fleet Street shortly after the incident, told The STAR that residents have asked him to tell the security forces to keep a close watch over the community.

He also blamed the tension in the area on "extreme idleness and poverty, and personal difficulties that spill over into community warfare".

"You have persons - that are not many - who are so steeped in criminality that they are prone to murderous things," Thwaites said.

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