Pastor beats girlfriend for calling him gay

June 24, 2017

A pastor, who assaulted his girlfriend because she called him a homosexual, was sternly rebuked by a judge yesterday in the Kingston and St. Andrew parish court before he was let off the hook.

The crown offered no case against minister of religion Ricardo Bryson after his partner begged the court for mercy, to which parish judge Chester Crooks yielded.

Bryson was charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

The court was told that Bryson hit the complainant causing injury to her upper body to which she received medical attention.


Protect my reputation


He pleaded guilty and offered the court an explanation.

"I'm a minister of religion. Both of us run a business together. I live a life that people look up to me. I always try to protect my reputation. We had a disagreement and she accused me of being a homosexual. I told her that she was following what other people had said. We are trying to work it out still," the pastor.

The complainant told the court that it was the first time she was being assaulted by Bryson and presently both parties were trying to work things out.

"I only want for him to be discipline and let him know what he did was wrong."

Parish Judge Chester Crooks reprimanded the pastor for his actions.

"No man should be hitting a woman and no woman should hit a man. You, as a minister of religion, should know."

The judge told Bryson that it appears that he fell short in humility.

"How are you going to minister to people with a criminal record over your head?. You are a part of the crime statistic in this country. Apologise to the woman," said Parish judge Crooks.

Bryson turn to the complainant and said, "I apologise for offending you and hitting you."

The crown subsequently offered no evidence against Bryson.

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