Alkaline worries cops

June 26, 2017

Deejay Alkaline continues to feel the heat from local law enforcement officials with Warren Clarke, the top cop in Western Jamaica, expressing concerns over his inclusion in next month's Reggae Sumfest.

"We see that Alkaline has been billed to perform at Reggae Sumfest this year, in a parish which has recorded over 130 murders since the start of the year. Promoting artistes who glorify murder is irresponsible and plainly reckless," said Clarke, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), in charge of Jamaica's western region.

Alkaline, who was in February arrested by cops who were probing a murder, is booked to appear at Sumfest this year.

"We know that gunmen revel, are motivated and cheered on by gangster music. It is baffling how a society puts up with such graphic depiction of violence and then wonder why we have daylight shoot-outs and multiple murderers. There is correlation between the gangster culture of promoting murders, social degradation and violent crime. I urge the society to consider its conscience as we engage this most decadent trend," Clarke said.


Commissioner of Police George Quallo has reportedly launched an investigation into Alkaline's After All gun-touting music video. Clarke is convinced that there is no place for pieces like this in Jamaica's popular music space.

"The solution to crime does not only involve enforcement, guns and bullets, it requires morality and a collective stance against indecency. We have been very concerned about the death music being sought after by many, and filmed by some of our popular artistes. Songs that degrade woman, music videos that depict professional woman, even police women, as harlots, foster and stimulate the violence culture we are experiencing," said Clarke.

Meanwhile, Alkaline has apologised for the video saying that it was not his intention to offend the police.

"We do understand the position of the JCF considering the rise in crime and violence in the country," a statement released by Alkaline's management team said.

"The management, therefore, would like to apologise to the JCF and or anyone who may have been affected by the contents portrayed in the video. No ill intentions were meant or directed towards any member of the JCF. We are in full support of the fight against crime and violence in Jamaica," the statement said.

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