Risking crocodile attacks to catch crabs

June 26, 2017

Not even the frequent sightings of crocodiles can prevent persons from hunting for crabs in areas known to be occupied by the reptiles.

"I lived in Hill Run wid my family and even when mi see crocodiles inna di swamp area, mi still a hunt mi crab," Mark Jenkings told THE STAR.

Like many Jamaicans, Jenkings looks forward to crab season yearly.

"When I was growing up, it was always a great joy to hunt crab to cook among my friends. I am now a grown man and it is still something that I look forward to," he said.

The crustaceans are a delicacy for persons who take it as a routine, especially at nights, to hunt them.

"Dem can be really difficult to catch when you just start, but as you develop your hunting skills it become easier. Plus, the taste of the crab is always on your mind, so you always motivated," Careta Roberts, another crab hunter, said.

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