Tumour forces boy to stop school

June 26, 2017
Kasey-Ann Fuller (left) comforts her son, Katheriel Johnson.

Ten-year-old Katheriel Johnson has been pulled from school because of a debilitating eye condition.

Johnson, the once model student who was a top performer in his class, has been getting into fights frequently as he struggles to keep himself composed with the debilitating tumour that is wreaking havoc in his head.

"The teacher called me yesterday (Thursday) and told me that it is best if I could let him stay home until he does the surgery. They don't want anything bad to happen to him down there, because he is constantly getting into fights," Johnson's mother, Kasey-Ann Fuller, told THE STAR.




The grades of the student of Port Henderson Primary in Portmore, St Catherine, have fallen drastically because he is no longer able to see the teacher's blackboard due to a tumour that is growing on his optic nerve.

The tumour has already blinded Johnson's left eye and is threatening to do the same to the right.

Earlier this year, a team of doctors at the University Hospital of the West Indies said if Johnson doesn't do the surgery to remove the tumour, he will lose his sight completely.

The team of doctors referred Johnson to do the surgery at the Miami Neuroscience Centre at Larkin, since the equipment to carry out the surgery is not available in the island.

The doctors in Miami said Johnson should do the surgery as early as possible to have a better chance of preserving his sight.

"The only time they have available this year is in August, and they said that it can't wait until next year," Fuller explained.

But Fuller has been struggling to secure the US$21,725 (approximately J$2.6 million) it costs to do the surgery.

"The mayor of Portmore (Leon Thomas) gave me $100,000, but that takes me to just over $700,000," Fuller said.

Fuller has set up an account at the Portmore Pines Scotiabank branch and is asking those who wish to render an assistance to make their

contributions to account No. 533452. She may also be

contacted at this number


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