Ex-girlfriend begs for man who choked her

June 27, 2017


A man walked free from the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday after his ex-girlfriend begged the court not to proceed with the case against him.

Jarret Malado, 27, was charged with unlawful wounding.

He pleaded guilty and offered the court an explanation.

The court heard that the accused held the complainant by her throat and punched her in her face.

When the matter was called up last Friday, Malado was remorseful and told the court what transpired.

He said, "She came to my house unexpected and said I stole her car key, car papers and her ID."


Accused apologised


Parish Judge Chester Crooks asked the complainant if the items were found in Malado's possession, and she told the court 'no'.

"I found them somewhere else," she said.

The complainant, however, asked the judge to be lenient because after the incident, the accused apologised to both her and her parents.

The complainant also added that it was the first time he physically assaulted her, and they have both moved on with their lives.

Malado was told to apologise publicly and he did so.

No evidence was offered, at the complainant's request.

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