Man to be sentenced for damaging sister's belongings

June 27, 2017


A man was remanded in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday, and is now awaiting for destroying a bed and a washing machine that belong to his sister.

Charged with malicious destruction of property is Romario Pinto.

He pleaded guilty, and offered to pay for the damages.

However, parish judge Chester Crooks, with whom the accused man is familiar, told him that he would have to pay from behind bars.


Similar case


The court was told that Pinto, who had a similar case previously, pushed over the washing machine and damaged it. It is also said that he used a board to damage his sister's bed.

The bed is valued at $12,000 and the washing machine is said to cost $25,000.

The complainant also told the court that both herself and their parents were not comfortable with him living at the house.

Pinto was asked to pay $37,000 in restitution. A fingerprint order was made, and a social enquiry report requested.

He will be sentenced on July 27.

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