We can do better on the roads - Henry

June 27, 2017
This scene depicts a multi-car collision.

Transport Minister Mike Henry, is calling for a change in the behaviour of road users to reduce road fatalities.

He noted that while road fatalities to date are 25 less than the 185 deaths recorded over the corresponding period in 2016, the figure is still high.

"While the trend suggests that we are on track to achieve another below-300 year, I will not be satisfied until I see a significant change in the behaviour of our motorists and all road users in general," he said.

Henry urged motorists to slow down and curb their aggression.


Driving and texting


"We must control our emotions. We must obey the rules and regulations of the road code. We must drive with due care for the next road user. We must not be distracted. Stop driving and texting," he said.

Westmoreland has recorded the most road fatalities in 2017, accounting for 34, or approximately 21 per cent, of the 160 road fatalities recorded up to June 23.

Next is St Catherine North with 15, St Ann with 14, Hanover, Manchester and St Catherine South with 11 each, while Clarendon and St James have both recorded 10 road traffic deaths.

Meanwhile, Henry said that timely access to medical care is critical in ensuring the survival of road crash victims.

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