Vox Pop : Why did you come to view Captain Horace Burrell's body today?

June 28, 2017
Robert Samuels
Errol Johnson
Newton Hepburn


Errol Johnson: “Captain and myself go back to some 50 years. We were students together at Clarendon College and we were cadets together and at one time we shared the same  boarding facilities, so there is a lot of memories that we had and I had to take the opportunity to pay my last respect to him. 

Robert Samuels: “Because of the quality gentleman he is, I had to leave Cayman and come here to really view the man body because he is not only a national icon, he is a international icon of football,” –

Newton Hepburn: “Eleven years me a work with him for and me decide say me did affi come out fi look pon him. Him do a lot for me in life and now that him gone me affi come show him respect fi the last.

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