Taximan trickery - fake operators robbing passengers

July 01, 2017


Men posing as taxi operators and passengers have reportedly been robbing unsuspecting commuters recently in what appears to be a new trend.

THE STAR understands that on Thursday, a man was robbed of his laptop and wallet after he entered a 'robot taxi' along Washington Boulevard.

Information reaching our news team is that after the victim entered the car, and a man posing as a passenger in the front reclined his seat pinning down the passenger at the back.

The front 'passenger' then pulled a handgun and demanded his possessions.

THE STAR understands that the driver made a detour and let out the passenger without harm.

Our news team was told that a report was made to the Half-Way Tree police.


Unsuspecting passenger


In the other incident, another male passenger entered a taxi on Hagley Park road en route to Half-Way Tree.

THE STAR was told that in similar fashion to the first incident, a man was posing as a passenger in the front seat again reclined his seat, pinning the unsuspecting passenger at the back.

At gunpoint, they demanded the victim's cash, jewellery and pin number to his ATM card.

THE STAR understands that the vehicle was being driven through several communities while the ordeal was in progress.

After the demands were met, the man was soon released without harm.

Sub officer in charge of operations at the St Andrew central police division Inspector Colin Roberts told THE STAR that the police have some knowledge of the incident.

He said, "I heard of it by the wayside but cannot confirm in terms of an official report."

When asked by THE STAR if the modus operandi was anything the police were picking up in the division, he said it was something new.

Persons are implored to desist from taking unregistered taxis.

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