University student uses exercise to fund education

July 03, 2017
Kevaughn 'Pressa' Fraser
Kevaughn utilises the pool as part of his training regime.

Kevaughn 'Pressa' Fraser, a construction engineering student at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech), calls himself 'a fat burner scientist' and a 'skeletal engineer.'

That's because the 25-year-old said he transforms persons by getting them to change their lifestyle through exercise and by making health and nutritional changes.

"If you want to gain muscles, if you want to reduce your body fat percentage, that is what I specialise in," Fraser told THE STAR.

He said his clients first have to go through a consultation to determine the approach that they should take towards reducing their body fat.

The resident of Jack's Hill, St. Andrew ("not the rich part", he stressed), said the money he makes from consultations and training sessions on the UTech grounds help to fund his tertiary education, mainly his tuition.

"It is $2,500 for consultation, while training is $10,000 per month for four sessions weekly," Fraser said.

He said he decided to offer health and wellness services after he realised there was a problem with health in Jamaica. He decided to dedicated himself to learning health and wellness while in school.

The final-year student said it takes much dedication and focus to go to school and train because both tasks are very hectic. He admitted sometimes he gets distracted from his studies.

"To support myself, it has been hectic, because even last semester, mi couldn't go school because mi couldn't afford it cause me neva mek enough money, so me did affi sit out," he said.




Fraser explained that the cost per semester to cover his tuition may range from $200,000 to as much as $310,000, based on the number of modules that he selects.

"Memba yu no eat yet, yu no travel yet, yu no get yu resources fi study or do nothing yet," he said. "Sometimes me walk go school or run wid mi big heavy bag cause me affi save so me can pay school fee and buy food. Me couldn't go no weh like everybody else."

He said it takes a collective effort from a number of persons for him to pay his fees.

"A no one person nor two persons. A whole heap a people put together cause my parents can't help me pay my school fee. Dem can't afford it," he said.

However, Fraser said when persons are unable to assist him with his school fees or the money he receives isn't enough, that is when the money he makes from his health and wellness programme comes in handy.

It also helps to purchase school supplies, buy lunch and pay for transportation.

Despite the struggles, Fraser is intent on pursuing a master's degree, however, he plans to seek a scholarship when the time comes.

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