Man shot while holding his child

July 04, 2017
Crime scene tape at Tower Street in Kingston tells the story of yet another shooting in the trouble area of central Kingston.

A man was shot and injured while clutching an infant in downtown Kingston yesterday. The incident took place as the man walked along Tower Street.

The injured man was rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital for treatment and THE STAR was told that the child who was traumatised has been receiving counselling. The investigating officer told THE STAR that preliminary checks suggest the shooting is gang-related.

Information reaching THE STAR is that turf control is the root cause the ongoing war among factions in a section of Central Kingston. The feud has resulted in multiple deaths and shootings in recent time.

Rosie Hamilton, counsellor for the Rae Town division, told THE STAR that the situation of gang conflicts needs urgent attention.

Hamilton, who visited the scene of yesterday's shooting, said she has been urging the police to pay close attention to the gangs within the Central Kingston communities for more than a year.

Southside, an area within Central Kingston has been bleeding over the past few weeks. Five lives including that of an 11-year-old Taysha 'Angel' Hughes, have been claimed by the bullet of gangsters.

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