Messy Musgrave market irks mayor

July 04, 2017
Mayor of Port Antonio, Councillor Paul Thompson (left), listens while senior compliance officer with the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Phillip Morgan, makes a point during a tour of businesses in the town in January.


The illicit dumping of garbage in the Musgrave Market in Port Antonio, Portland, which has become a breeding ground for roaches, mosquitoes, and rats, is making lives miserable for vendors.

The unsightly look has sparked fresh concerns among vendors, especially those plying their trade near the West Street entrance to the market. The situation is further compounded by an unbearable stench from a nearby drain that is blocked with fish gut, animal flesh, plastic bottles and Styrofoam boxes.

Mayor of Port Antonio Paul Thompson, who spearheaded an earlier initiative to rid the town of its huge garbage pile-up, said the persons responsible for the little have no civic pride.

"Clearly, not everyone believes in preserving a healthy environment," commented Thompson.

"The Musgrave market is currently undergoing repairs to its roofing and it is also been repainted. While we are attempting to improve the image and enhance the look of the market, others are engaged in defacing the outer bounds of the facility. I have issued specific instructions for the removal of garbage from that area and for the drains to be cleaned with immediate effect."

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