Police vehicle overturns leaving lawman injured

July 04, 2017
Police on patrol in the troubled Glendevon community.

A faulty stoplight at the intersection of East Street and Charles Street in Kingston is being blamed for a nasty collision yesterday between a police service vehicle and another motorist.

A policeman suffered serious injury and had to be hospitalised after the government-owned Toyota Hilux SUV, heading west along Charles Street overturn after being hit by a Nissan Note motor car travelling down East Street.

When THE STAR arrived on the scene, it was noticed that the stoplight facing motorist along Charles Street was working. However, the East Street side of the light was giving no signal.

"The police dem a drive come across and the next driver a go down East Street and slam right into dem and turn over. The police man on the passenger side get the worst of it because the vehicle fell on his side."

This is the second such accident involving a police service vehicle in recent times. On June 21, two policemen were taken to hospital after the service vehicle they were travelling in crashed in the vicinity of the Just Food Bakery on Slipe Pen Road in Kingston.

Initial reports are that the vehicle was travelling towards downtown Kingston when it hit a pothole and the driver lost control.

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