Tired of 'beggy beggy' people

July 05, 2017


Renowned psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj has condemned the 'beggy beggy' actions of some Jamaicans who have been using all means to get money.

Two such persons, Krystal and Raheem, have turned to the crowdfunding website, GoFundMe, begging for money to buy a cellular phone and to pay for a visa respectively.

Krystal, who claims to be a 20-year-old college student, has launched an appeal for persons to give her US$800 or just over J$102,000 to buy a phone. She is yet to get a cent.

"I live in a third world country and so I face many difficulties. Of course, I love my island Jamaica very much but certain things I just cannot afford. I have bought Chinese smartphones in the past, but I think I need a real phone seeing [that] I need to connect with others and sometimes I just need a handy tool that will help with my work in class," Krystal said.


Highly appreciate it


Raheem launched his appeal two months ago seeking to raise US$1,000 to pay for a visa.

"So here I am asking for your help towards a better life. I know most people had a good life growing up but not me I've always had it hard, so please, if you can find it in your heart to help me I would highly appreciate it," Raheem said.

Like Krystal's appeal, no one has helped.

Semaj told THE STAR, "I have always figured that begging is the first stage of a slippery slope. First you are a parasite and if that doesn't work out you become a predator."

"Begging is a one-way ticket, you fi get something for nothing. I want to believe that our politics over the last 40 to 50 years have defined it and to a larger extent it has become almost a national pastime."


Political practices


Semaj underscores that begging has got sophisticated now with GoFundMe, however he still links the practice to political practices.

"For example, over the decades what our politicians are referred to, mendicants with flags. So much of Jamaica's development is based on begging somebody something. We never hear of developing something and many times we beg something, they give it to us and we don't even know how to maintain it," Dr Semaj expressed.

Semaj said he tells young people it is better to go out and work for nothing than stay home and do nothing.

"Just a beg beg so? No, no. We have to nip it in the bud," he said.

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