Slain cop not in 'gun photos' - CCU head

July 06, 2017

Head of the Constabulary Commun-ications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, is seeking to dispel rumours that photos being circulated online of an individual posing with high-powered rifles and wads of cash are that of slain policeman, Hubert Hyman.

Hyman was killed in Central Village, St Catherine, on Monday.

"I saw the photographs and persons were asking whether or not it was him. It is not him. None of the photos I have seen are of him," she told THE STAR.

Hyman, who was attached to the Mobile Reserve, was on interdiction for seven years stemming from a shooting incident in 2009.

"He was before the court on a shooting charge, however, I understand that he was acquitted in the court in June and he was awaiting directive from the Police High Command as it relates to reinstatement," Lindsay said.

Meanwhile, Lindsay believes that to ensure that police officers are held in high regard by the public, they have to do decent work and abide by the confines of the law and the code of conduct of the organisation.

"You can only convince people by demonstration through action. If you tell somebody that you are decent, they may not believe you, but when they see you portraying that in your daily lives, then they will be convinced," she said.

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