Man living in fear of wife

July 07, 2017


A man who shares a house with his estranged wife says he is now living in fear, and he believes their $12 million marital home is at the heart of the contention.

The 59-year-old St Catherine man told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is scared because of the kinds if threats directed at him.

"She tell me when she done wid me not even john crow want me," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"She walk a one gate and me walk a di other. A suh the court line it up say we fi gwan live until whatever. The divorce fi come up. But she insist say she want tek weh everything from me. She will find any way fi get rid of me cause is really the house she want," the distressed man said.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he spent three months in jail on a charge for assaulting his wife.

"When me come back she live inna the house with a man," the estranged husband said.

The man alleged that his wife and her lover cleaned millions of dollar worth of equipment and machinery from his house.

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