Robberies down as CTOC targets robbers on wheels

July 07, 2017

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifford Chambers, said the reduction in the number of robberies for the first half of the year is a direct result of the police's efforts to tackle robbers on wheels.

Chambers told THE WEEKEND STAR that a deep analysis conducted by the police revealed the kind of robberies, who are involved and the times they are committed.

"We do have video footage that clearly capture persons coming out of the ATM, persons would walk up grab a bag. If it is a purse they would grab it and sometimes even the cash and then just run and jump on a waiting motor cycle and off they go," Chambers explained. "As a result, the local police put in place proactive and reactive measures to somehow cauterise the situation."

Chambers said Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime unit has deployed undercover police personnel in the areas which are considered robbery hot spots.


Motorcycle crashed


"We have reaped some success where persons have been arrested, persons have been intercepted and we even have a case wherein an attempt to elude the police, a motorcycle crashed and those persons were arrested," Chambers said.

Just over 530 robberies were reported for the first half of the year. More than 700 were recorded for the corresponding period last year.

Chambers also pointed out that security guards at the financial facilities where the robberies normally take place are assisting the police in apprehending the culprits.

"These security guards also have communication with quick response team," Chambers said. "We have information recently where a Hawkeye security guard team arrested a man who had robbed one of their colleagues."

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the Hawkeye team arrested the man who was riding a bike and turned him over to the police.

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