No easy target - lottery scamming equip Jamaicans to deal with transnational crimes

July 10, 2017

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers said Jamaica's familiarity with lottery scamming has served as a deterrent to transnational organised criminals who are looking for soft targets.

Chambers comments came on the heels of the 'one ring and cut' scam which attacked many mobile users last weekend.

"We have to be mindful of the lottery scam and its impact and its implications. So even though local Jamaicans were not being targeted (in lottery scamming), the phenomenon of the scam alone raised the awareness of our populace to let them know the vulnerabilities that exist," Chambers told THE STAR.

"It causes us to know how vulnerable one can be and as a result of that, the hardening takes place."

Last weekend, some phone users complained about receiving missed calls from what appeared to be Polish telephone numbers beginning with +48, which tempted them to return the call. However, if the call is returned, the unsuspecting mobile users are levied with hefty charges and could also deplete their credit.

The scheme has been labelled the 'Wangiri Scam'.

Jamaican telecommunications companies and the Government remain on high alert in the aftermath of the phone scam.




According to Chambers, last weekend's attack was the transnational criminals doing their scanning to figure out how vulnerable Jamaicans are.

"Based on what is happening, I am picking up that they are realising that Jamaica is not an easy target for fraudsters. They are also realising that more and more institutions are becoming digital and forensic aware, and so they are putting in these systems to make themselves more difficult to be infiltrated."

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