Protect yourself from pink-eye

July 10, 2017

With several cases of pink eye being reported across the island, the Ministry of Health has appealed to persons to protect themselves against the ailment.

"We are cautioning the public to take preventive steps to decrease their risk of becoming infected with conjunctivitis, and urging those who are affected to have their condition managed appropriately by a physician and avoid spreading to others," Dr Winston De La Haye, the chief medical officer, said.

Signs and symptoms of pink eye:

- Watery itchy eyes; burning eyes; grainy feeling in the eyes; hypersensitivity to light.

To avoid being infected:

- Do not share eye make-up; eye drops; washrags; towels and pillowcases.

- Refrain from coming into contact with persons who have pink eye.

- Wash hands often.

Persons experiencing symptoms of pink eye should:

- Wash hands with soap and water regularly.

- Avoid rubbing eyes.

- See a doctor.

- Do not attend school, work or other crowded places until infection clears up.

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