Litterbugs targeted

July 11, 2017
Marine litter at the edge of the Lucea bus park and the fishing beach.
Household waste disposed of on Hanover Street in downtown Kingston.

The Hanover Municipal Corporation's recent prosecution of several litterbugs in the town of Lucea, has been greeted with strong approval by residents of the parish capital.

"Mi nuh wrong dem; prosecute dem of course, caw dat no right," Richard James, a barber, told WESTERN STAR. "A di right ting dem deh do. Dem deh walk and a throw di garbage inna di town fi true, an is like dem nuh even care. A real ting, caw some a dem come pon di mall and not even find one bathroom, dem just find a wall an pee-pee pon di wall."

Led by Craig Oates, the enforcement and compliance manager at the Corporation, the municipal police have been arresting several persons who were throwing garbage on the streets and urinating in public places.

Runkus, a Lucea resident, said he is happy to see the local authority punishing people for being nasty.

"Everyweh inna di town rank. Anyhow yuh inna di town one early morning when di sun penetrate good, and yuh walk through anyweh inna di bus park, a pure renkniss becaw di bus driver, passenger, every smaddy pee-pee all bout. From di bus park to the one-way, a pure renkniss ... . So is a good idea because yo cyaan deh nasty up di town like dat," he said.

Oates told WESTERN STAR that the local authority is taking a zero-tolerance approach to litter offences. He said some restaurants and supermarkets are beinng monitored as they are among the culprits responsible for illegal dumping in the town.

"We will be coming at them ... . We are gonna be keeping a very close eye on them, and we will be planning some night operations because nights is the time they actually dispose in those places," he said.

Olivia Sewell, who works in Lucea, said the failure of garbage trucks to collect waste in some of the interior communities, should also be addressed.

"Is a good move because remember seh inna foreign country, dem can't do dem ting deh ... . It no look good, man. It is against public order fi see a man inna di town and him feel say him can pee-pee anyweh or dash garbage anyweh," Sewell said.

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