'Slippery' suspect charged for burglary

July 11, 2017

A St Catherine man who allegedly oiled his body while illegally entering a house is now facing a charge of burglary.

He is Dwayne Edwards, 36-year-old labourer of Browns Hall district, St Catherine.

When Edwards appeared yesterday before parish judge Tara Reid-Carr, he was denied bail.

The investigating officer told the court that the accused had just returned from prison in January for a similar offence.

He was ordered remanded until July 21 when the matter will be tried.

Allegations are that on Sunday July 2, at about 3 a.m., the occupants of a house were in bed when they were awoken.

Edwards was seen naked inside the house, with a cellular phone and a quantity of money.

He was accosted by one of the complainants who grabbed on to him and found that he oiled his body.

Edwards managed to slither away from the man's grasp and escaped through a window.

The occupants subsequently reported the matter to the police.

A search was launched and Edwards was picked up by the police.

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