Shaw's weekly phone bill could pay 110 workers

July 12, 2017
Audley Shaw
Audley Shaw


With the minimum wage being $6,200 per 40-hour work week, the average daily phone charges incurred by Finance Minister Audley Shaw last October could pay the salaries of 22 workers each week.

According to a TVJ report, information, obtained through the Access to Information Act, shows that from February 2016 to March this year, Shaw incurred $8.34 million in cell phone bills.

In October 2016, the bill was $4.22 million which translates to an average daily cost of $136,155.

Thus, the cost incurred by Shaw for every five-day period in October, through the use of his cell phone, could pay the wages of nearly 110 minimum wage earners each week.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has told his minister that the situation is unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.

Holness has also ordered an audit of all cell phone bills of ministers and state ministers.

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