Crime keeps topless dancers from work

July 13, 2017

The recent upsurge in violence is seriously affecting some business operators in the Corporate Area where the flare-ups are taking place.

The proprietor of an establishment where girls sometimes dances topless, said along with having less patrons, even some of the dancers are refusing to turn up for work.

"We put up a TV and people come out come watch it a night time and we play some music fi the girl dem a dance and man and man buy them drink and out ya pack. But from wah day ya the place a get empty, not even some a di girl dem turn up," the owner said.

He indicated that most of the residents in and around the vicinity of the community where his business place is located keep off the streets when it gets dark. So he said it would be understandable if some of the girls, most of who live outside the community, don't turn up.


Possible reprisals


"Two a di girl dem tell me say dem fraid fi come out but the other one dem no tell dem dat. Dem just no turn up or dem wi call and say dem can't come suh mi figure say a dats why dem no want come but me too want talk bout dat," he said.

A resident said the area, which is known for being volatile in past, has been relatively calm in recent times.

However, the recent slaying of an alleged area leader has had most of the residents on edge out of fear that they may be the victims of possible reprisals.

And while acknowledging that there was an isolated incident in which one man was murdered, a senior officer responsible for the division in which the community falls said he wouldn't categorise recent events as an upsurge in violence as there were no other murders reported in the area.

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