Jamaican women want 'sparkling' vaginas - eager to try new product

July 14, 2017


The prospects of having a sparkling, flavoured vagina is apparently quite enticing to some Jamaican women as they have expressed desires of indulging in a new intimate product called Passion Dust.

According to the US-based manufacturer, Pretty Woman Inc, Passion Dust is a "sparkalized" capsule that is inserted into the vagina at least one hour before having sexual intercourse.

As the capsules become increasingly warmed and moistened by the natural vaginal fluids, they will begin to dissolve, releasing the sparkling, candy-flavoured contents.

"I would buy one and try it for the fun of it, especially for the guys them who love to eat! " Tanesha Francis told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Some people no have no good scent and taste so when you having sex, that [product] would make it more enticing."

Other women expressed interest in the product, but said it would have to become more popular before they use it.


Good package


However Sherine Brown said "My own already a glitter, it no want no more glitter than how it a glitter. Me already smell good. Me have a good package, so me good."

For now, Jamaicans who are interested in purchasing Passion Dust will have to go to the Pretty Woman Inc website, where a pack of five capsules is being sold for US$7 [or J $898].

Some local adult novelty toy suppliers said they will not be stocking the product.

Laurene Ward, who co-owns Forbidden Fruit, said customer safety is her main priority.

"I don't believe that you should insert any form of product like liquids inside the vagina because I'm very familiar with the illnesses that can be caused from certain products. If you want [down there] to be pretty, you can wear a pretty underwear. If you're trying to mask an odour with a candy scent, you need to seek medical help " she said.

Jasmine Simpson, of Portmore's Aura Viibe store, said the store would first have to do extensive research to ensure the item is safe.

Several gynaecologists have warned against using Passion Dust including US-based Dr Jen Gunter, who has blogged extensively on the product.

She warned that it could damage the good vaginal bacteria, which could lead to infections, and other maladies.

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