West Kgn residents want 'special zones' label

July 14, 2017

As the Government lays the finishing touches on the Zones of Special Operations Bill, a number of residents in western Kingston are pleading for the Bill as criminals continue to wreak havoc in their communities.

The Bill will allow the Prime Minister to declare an area of special operations on the advice of the National Security ministry. The act will provide special measures for upholding and preserving the rule of law.

A 26-year-old mother who is a resident of Tivoli Gardens, said even though she is wary of how the police may conduct themselves, she wants her community to be declared one of the zones as violence has been spiralling out of hand.

"Sometimes you have to take steps to stop certain things. So if this is the major step that they have to take to quell certain things, then we welcome it," she said.


Business people


A cookshop operator from Tivoli, who sells chicken back at the entrance of Denham Town High School, said the flare-up of violence in the last few weeks stopped early morning sales to students.

The operator said: "It is not only me it affect. It affect all the little business people dem round here, because you will just be out here and shots start fire and you have to just run leave everything. Even last night a pure shot a fire."

Some residents said the violence is stemming from a feud between Tivoli and Denham Town.

One woman, who identified herself as Karen, said the situation is worse because unlike previous feuds, no mercy is being shown to women and children.

"Is pure 13 and 14-year-old a fire gun now so them nuh care bout nuh body," Karen said.

But residents of both communities seem to agree being zoned will make their lives much more comfortable.

One woman said: "If it affi gwaan it affi gwaan because this need to stop. Even if the good have to suffer for the bad. I have my children them going summer class and because this weh gwaan, my children can't come out to go school."

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