Obeah makes me steal - man tells judge

July 17, 2017

Spanish Town resident Tyrone Gayle caused a stir in the St Catherine Parish Court after declaring that he was under an obeah spell that causes him to steal.

Gayle pleaded guilty when he appeared on Friday, before parish judge Grace Henry-McKenzie on a charge of housebreaking with intent.

The judge asked why he has seven previous convictions of a similar nature. His response brought laughter to the proceedings.

"Your honour, is a spell dem have on mi. When mi go a di obeah man him tell mi dat a spell deh pon mi. Your honour, mi believe it as a long time mi a try fi stop tief and mi just can't and him tell mi say a spell de pon mi ma'am," Gayle said.

The judge then ordered that the Probation Department conduct a social enquiry report for his sentencing on August 9.

Allegations are that on June 19, the accused broke into a house and was caught. The police were called and he was subsequently charged.

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