Students stone staff room

July 17, 2017

Students at a St Catherine High School allegedly stoned the staff room just before the closure of the institution for the summer holidays.

Information reaching THE STAR is that a group of boys stoned the building before running from the compound.

Our news team understands that no one was injured nor any property was damaged as a result of the onslaught that left some members of staff visibly shaken.

One Grade Nine student said the boys responsible are known troublemakers.

"Oh God dem a real trouble makers at the school. Everybody known bout dem. Dem never hide and dweet. Thank God nobody was hurt. Nothing never did a too gwan at school because school did out fi close," the student said.

It is rumoured there were heated exchanges between students and teachers throughout the school year and the stone-throwing incident could have been in retaliation.


Alleged behaviour


When our news team contacted the school's principal, he neither confirmed nor denied the incident.

The principal said, "I cannot confirm that because I was not on spot to say so." When asked if the alleged behaviour displayed was becoming of the students at the institution, the principal said, "If I say yes or no to that, that means I would be giving credence to the question formally asked."

An officer at the Above Rocks police station told THE STAR that he heard of the incident.

"A teacher would have said certain things to me but I have no evidence, and we don't have an official report. I heard that on a given day at a given time they [students] threw stones at the staff and few stones went through the staff room window," he said.

He could not ascertain whether anyone was injured in the ordeal.

Education Minister Ruel Reid, at a recent Gleaner Editor's Forum, urged school administrators to exercise patience when dealing with unruly students.

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