Kingston man seeks to rise from the ashes

July 18, 2017
Ramone Williams looks at the remains of his dwelling.
The debris from the fire's aftermath is still laying by the sidewalk, and Williams is concerned they can cause problems.

Stressed out with nowhere to turn is how 23-year-old Ramone Williams summed up his ordeal and current status following a fire of unknown origin which gutted his home at 51 Crescent Road in Kingston.

Williams, who our news team spotted in his Kingston 13 community, which runs off Spanish Town Road, was seemingly still in a daze two weeks after his life-changing ordeal on the night of July 4.

Clad in only a pair of jeans saved from the inferno, he was contemplating how to pick up the pieces.

"Dem thing ya stress you out. Not even use mi washing machine three times good. Mi just save and buy all mi TV," he told THE STAR of some of the appliances destroyed.

Williams said he also lost a stove and furniture.

He has cleared the debris with hope of rebuilding, but without an income, he is as lost as his previous belongings.

When asked what could have possibly started the fire, he said, "I was home and mi step out and was at a spot nearby wid some friends a have a 'special'. Mi just hear a man come in and seh, 'Ya idiot! You deh ya so and yuh place a bun down'."

Williams told THE STAR that when he ran to the scene, all he saw was his home in smoke.

"The fire truck reach, but a jus coolings by the time dem reach and dem just wet the other house dem nearby. As you can see, the fire reach all the way up in a di tree dem," he said, shaking his head.

He told THE STAR that each day, he has no choice but to buy a merino to wear with his jeans.




"Mi just kotch up with my one-time woman. She tell me she soon put mi out cause we nuh deh again. I want some help," he said.

Pointing to the debris piled on the sidewalk, Williams said no political representative has visited to see the damage or offer assistance to clear the debris that can be a health hazard.

"Mi a call the councillor and nah get him. Mi send a text, but no response yet. Mi want somebody to come and move the dump and mi need help to restart," Williams said.

Attempts by THE STAR to reach Councillor for the Whitfield Town division, Eugene Kelly, proved futile as calls to his phone went to voicemail.

Anyone willing to help Ramone Williams, please call 505-6413.

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