Political aspirant murders woman, killed by cop

July 18, 2017

Warren Barham, the Jamaica Labour Party councillor candidate for the Siloah division in the 2007 and 2012 local government elections, was shot and killed by a policeman moments after he riddled the body of Latoya Williamson, 24, with bullets outside his restaurant on Main Street in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth, yesterday.

According to bystanders, Barham and Williamson got into an altercation inside his establishment, the Tabletop Restaurant.

THE STAR understands that as Williamson walked out of the establishment, Barham pulled his firearm and shot her in the leg.

He then stood over her and fired several times, killing her on the spot.

According to the eyewitness, Barham was attempting to leave the scene when a lawman who was present ordered him to step out of his vehicle.

It is reported that Barham pulled his firearm a second time before he was shot and killed by the policeman.

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