Water worries heighten pink-eye fears

July 18, 2017

With the upsurge of pink-eye cases being reported in Trelawny and St James, stakeholders in neighbouring Hanover and Westmoreland are worried that these parishes will be severely hit by the virus due to frequent water shortages.

The Ministry of Health last week reported that St James had treated 150 cases of the infection in just one week.

This figure, according to president of the Hanover Parish Development Committee, Cleveland Wright, is very scary.

"Right now, in the Hopewell area, for the last five days, there is no water. It is easier to spread because right now, households would not have water to wash their hands or for when they use the bathroom," Wright told WESTERN STAR.

"We are a major tourist destination and we can't have the virus spreading at this time. In terms of water supply, the NWC should ensure that there is adequate water supply in the communities as best as possible," he said.

Over in Negril, Westmoreland, retired intensive care nurse Elaine Bradley said despite the water situation not being so bad as several weeks ago, she had no doubt that the area would be affected.

"Right now, we haven't got a water issue. But I think because that water issue is always there and we had it for many months, I am very concerned," she said.

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