No Angela! - Payne Land residents prefer Audrey over Brown-Burke

July 19, 2017
Angela Brown Burke
A billboard for Audrey Smith in Payne Land.


Some residents in the community of Payne Land have rejected Portia Simpson Miller's endorsement of Angela Brown-Burke as her successor to be Member of Parliament for St Andrew South West over councillor for the Payne Land division, Audrey Smith.

"Audrey do har ground work. She work for it, so it unfair for you to give somebody weh nuh do no ground work fi come inherit something suh," one resident who asked for anonymity told THE STAR.

He argued that if Brown-Burke is selected as the MP for the area, he, along with others, won't vote.

Another resident, Everton Graham, who says he has lived in the community since birth, believes it would take some time for Brown-Burke to get used to the constituency if she is selected.


'Split inna two'


"We nuh know her, a only TV me see her pon. Mi neva see her come dung here, so she nuh know wah gwaan," he said.

"Dem can't gi we Angela unless the constituency a go split inna two and have a different Member of Parliament fi Payne Land," another resident added.

The residents are worried that former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller's declaration of support for Angela Brown-Burke for the position may have an influence on how delegates cast their votes should Brown-Burke enter the race.

"A full time dem mek the people dem decide. A the people dem time fi talk now," Merris Roache said.

"We nah work with Angela, but we nah diss har. But mek somebody weh do the dirty work get the easy seat. Angela fi go one a the seat weh PNP lose and mek har name," she added.

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