Oil spill causes erectile fears

July 21, 2017

Male residents from Greenwich Town fishing beach are now the laughing stock of their female counterparts who are suggesting that the recent oil spill may have serious implications on their sexual life.

During a visit by our news team yesterday to get a firsthand at the contamination following Wednesday's oil leak, the topic of the male manhood becoming useless had tongues wagging.

This was further heightened after one of the fishermen, who assisted in containing the oil from spreading, was spotted without proper feet protection.

"Yuh haffi guard up from head to toe. Yuh boy will dead, and you haffi start watch round di house fi see who a go in," a woman said.

A nuh normal oil

Another resident told THE WEEKEND STAR, "Dem ya oil ya will kill yuh nature. Nuh ramp with oil. Yuh fi wear shoes. Yuh nuh know weh it will do. A nuh normal oil and yuh a run around wid barefoot."

Our news team was told by a male resident that he was given the opportunity to work at the neighbouring oil refinery, PetroJam, but out of fear of losing the use of his manhood, he declined.

"One a my friend work over there, and him get a work fi mi, but mi never tek it up. Oil a serious things that why dem haffi wear certain type of gear," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Another woman jokingly said, "It wicked man, a serious thing. Can you imagine you ready and you a tell it fi wake up and nothing?"

The residents told THE WEEKEND STAR that in the past oil spillage has caused devastating sickness on the community, however, a man losing the use of his manhood is more crucial.

"Is a serious health risk enuh. Pneumonia and all dem ting deh people trouble with, but it nuh nice when yuh thing dead. Dem tek it mek joke but a serious thing," a male resident said.

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