Businesswoman wants to replace Portia

July 22, 2017
Joan Porteous
Portia Simpson Miller


Joan Porteous says as early as December 2016 she had stated her intentions to the hierarchy of the People's National Party (PNP) that she wanted to succeed Portia Simpson Miller in the St Andrew South West constituency.

Having been a member of the People's National Party, the 64-year-old minister of religion and businesswoman does not believe that she is among the favourites of some members of the PNP, but expressed that this could be changed over time.

"In every situation, an organisation will have their favourite. It is not about being the favourite of a party. It is about doing the people's business," she said.

And she feels that her age should not be a factor when the selection process is being done.

"I am not a feeble old lady. Age is just a number. I know that I am physically fit to the point where I can drive cars, trucks and ride a bicycle. I am physically fit and I am mentally astute and erudite, and that what is important," she said.

Despite expressing her intentions, she said she has had an eye on the seat for a long time as she feels that she is the ideal person to represent the people.

"I believe that I can continue with the process of development," she told THE STAR.

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