Husband beaten in head with hammer - Man begs judge to give wife a chance

July 22, 2017


A woman, who is charged with beating her husband in his head with a hammer, pleaded not guilty when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Karen Robinson is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

It is alleged that Robinson and her 59-year-old husband got into a dispute on July 10 over the management of their Irish Moss business.

Reports are that Robinson went for the hammer and used it to hit her husband in the head several times.

After Robinson made her plea, her husband asked the presiding judge Chester Crooks to throw out the case as he is still in love with his wife and he wants to put the matter behind them.

"We been together from 2001, and I really love her. So I am asking you to give her a chance. Just warn her," the complainant said.


Love my wife


Surprised by the complainant's suggestion, Crooks asked the court clerk to plead Robinson again.

"Not Guilty!" Robinson exclaimed, much to the amusement of the court.

"You hear that, sir? She just called you a liar," Crooks said. "You still wish to drop the charges?"

"Sir, you see, she came into my life when I was down on my face and I still love my wife," the complainant replied.

Crooks rejected the complainant's request, and sent the matter to mediation.

They are to return to court on the August 18.

As the matter was being dismissed, the complainant asked Crooks to say something.

"Are you still interested in the marriage?," the complainant's asked his wife.

Robinson replied, 'yes', with a winsome smile.

The complainant then stretched his arms around her, and the court burst into laughter again.

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