A COLE WORL': Bangarang in Portia's seat

July 25, 2017

What kind of message was Sista P sending when she endorsed Sista Brown Burke for the South West St. Andrew seat? It's obvious a message was sent but to whom and for what intent and purpose?

If Sista Brown-Burke wanted the hot seat so bad, why she never seh sup'm to smaddy earlier? Why when Sista P stepped down, Sista Angela never step up same time?

It is said, "verily, I say unto you, he or she that believes in me, the works that I do shall he or she do also ..." 

Can Angela do the work in South West St. Andrew also? [Whisper] Did Portia do any work in South West St Andrew? Dat a politics, mi nah get inna dat. Listen, madam Portia Simpson Miller is well-loved in her constituency, that is without a doubt, but yuh know who the constituency love as well? Not Angela Brown-Burke.

Image result for angela brown burke  jamaica gleaner
Angela Brown-Burke 

The people of South West St. Andrew love ... weh my lady deh name again? The same one weh dem seh work like any farmer horse. I can't remember her name. Yuh nuh know who mi a talk enuh. Yea, Audrey! The same one who Lisa Hanna like.

I hear that the people dem love har like KFC pon a Friday evening. I am not saying that Angela, as 'voice' president, isn't going to be heard. The party must listen to har. After all, she is a somebody in the party, not like Audrey who dem seh a backbencher. 

I thought the party was transformed, civil, organised and structured enough for persons to not 'run in' and tek up seat. Maybe I was wrong.

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