Gangster Rifle King gets massive ‘gun salute’

July 25, 2017
Rifle King

Gangsters in the Bottom Pen community of St. James on Friday night paid tribute to their late colleague, Tadmar 'Rifle King' Whyte, with a brazen 'guns salute,' at his wake held in the community.

"The thugs dem bring out de whole nine yards," said a man, who was presence at the wake for the man, who once held down a place of prominence of the St. James police's most wanted list.

"It never really created a major scare because de people dem know that it was just man and man a show respect to a fallen soldier," said the man.

"Even other communities answer back (fired shots) to show their own respect."

When a senior police officer at the St. James headquarters was contacted for a comment, he said he had heard about the incident.

"The people in these communities are basically hugging up the criminals ... the only time they seem to have a problem with them is when they themselves fall prey to criminal needs," the lawman said.

"St James has become such a lawless place that I fear for the children who see these things happening around them and think it is normal."

Rifle King was killed on May 16 in Bottom Pen community. His body was buried yesterday.

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