Saddam was no easy criminal - Westmoreland cops hunt men wanted for 77 murders

July 25, 2017
Egbert Parkins


Western Bureau:

Notorious gangster Sadan 'Saddam' Mullings was killed during a gun battle with cops in Westmoreland on Saturday, but he is just one of several wanted men in the parish.

During a press briefing, which was held at the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station, Senior Superintendent Egbert Parkins, the commanding officer for the Westmoreland Police Division, announced the names of several men, whom he said were wanted in connection with the 77 murders committed in the parish since the start of the year.

The main persons were identified as: Dushane Allen, otherwise called Niger, of Greenwich District in Bethel Town, who is wanted for two counts of murder; Glenroy 'Eye' Roach, of Negril and Tank Hill, who is wanted for a quadruple murder; Burton 'Bap' Shearer of Church Lincoln District in Grange Hill, who is wanted for murder; Obrian 'Joe Grind' Ellis of Savanna-la-Mar, who is wanted for a murder in Farm Pen community; and Kemroy 'Max' Clarke of Haddo, who is also is wanted for murder.


No easy criminal


Still, the cops' encounter with Mullings is still fresh in their minds.

The 26-year-old gangsters, who hails from Elgin Town in Hanover, reportedly shot a policeman in his chest when he took on the police armed with an Uzi sub-machine gun and a Glock pistol on Saturday. However, luckily for the lawman, the bullet struck his protective vest.

"This was no easy criminal," Parkins said.

"He took on the police in the Savanna-la-Mar when he was seen riding a motorcycle along with another crony, who was injured and later succumbed to his injuries at the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital."

He continued: "In pursuit of this criminal, contact was made about 4:20 a.m. on Saturday, July 22, in the parish. In a bid to escape, he opened fire at the police, which damaged a service unit, and almost took the life of the police officer who was driving the motor vehicle. If it wasn't for the ballistic vest, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) would be mourning the death of the hardworking officer."


20 murders


According to Parkins, the resilient cops used other unit to pursue Mullings. He was finally cornered in the Whitehouse area, where a gun battle, which lasted for more than 30 minutes, ensued. When the dust settled, the man who was said to be responsible for some 20 murders between Hanover and Westmoreland was dead.

The Uzi sub-machine gun and the Glock pistol, which he had in his possession, was seized by the police. Some 112 rounds of 99 mm ammunition were taken from his body.

"I want to use this opportunity to congratulate our brave men and women who, despite the criminals firepower, continued to pursue him," said Parkins.

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