UPDATED: Help me bury my son — mother pleads for assistance

July 25, 2017
Barbara Bajou in a reflective mood.
Barbara Bajou

Since Prince Williamson was shot and killed on May 19, in Rocky Point, Clarendon, his mother, Barbara Bajou, said finding money to bury him has been challenging.

She said her son was killed in what is being described as a case of mistaken identity. He was returning home from his tattoo shop.

"He wasn't involved in anything," Bajou told THE STAR.

Although having worked as a caregiver in Kingston, she said that after Prince's death, her employers relieved her of her duties to give her time off to focus on getting her son buried, which cut off her main source of finance.

She said all money she had, has been spent.

Following an autopsy, she told THE STAR that Prince's body has been at the House of Tranquillity Funeral Home ever since, as she is unable to come up with the total cost for his burial.

"I pay $90,000 already that I got from family members and other people, including $20,000 that I got from a church. But now I owe them roughly $200,000," she said.

She said that she has chosen the package that includes burying him at Meadowrest because she doesn't have anywhere to bury him.

The plot that she had intended to use in Clarendon floods easily and she is opposed to having him cremated for religious reasons.


Resume working


She said that she is haunted by the fact that she is unable to lay her son to rest.

"I don't know how I don't mad. I just feel like I want to bawl out in me sleep in the nights because I don't have it to bury him. I just don't have it," she explained. "I would be very grateful if persons could assist me to bury him. I just want to get that stress off me."

And, with only $4,000 left in her bank account, Bajou wants to bury her son so she could resume working to provide for herself.

Meanwhile, Joseph Cornwall of House of Tranquillity Funeral Home said the package that Bajou selected costs $287,000.

Included in the package is a casket, a single vault at Meadowrest, the hearse, 20 funeral programmes, floral arrangement, the use of a chapel, organ, and a minister.

"When we provide the whole funeral, we wave the storage cost. The reason why she has to pay that amount ($287,000) is because she selected a burial service, but a sister suggested cremation but she don't want that," he said.


This stoy has been updated to include a contact number and banking information for  Barbara Bajou. 

Persons wishing to assist Bajou may contact her at 370-8869. Funds may be deposited at her NCB, St Jago Shopping Centre, Spanish Town branch. Account number: 474648893


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