Make Miss Lou a national icon - Kevin O'Brien Chang

July 27, 2017
Miss Lou
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Kevin O'Brien Chang


Mere hours after the Office of the Prime Minister launched the Jamaica House Petition portal, social commenter Kevin O'Brien Chang launched the first one, asking the Government to make Miss Lou Jamaica's first National Icon.

The portal is designed to give citizens the opportunity to petition the Government on national issues.

Chang explained that National Icon should be the country's second highest award falling right below the country's national heroes.

"An icon is somebody who contributed tremendously to the country in whatever way but also more than that, they are instantly recognisable; they become a part of the psyche of people," Chang told THE STAR.

"A lot of people think of national heroes as people who have made some political contribution to the country. The heroes have the politics, but the Miss Lou, Bob Marley and (Usain) Bolt have a category that nobody else have," said Chang.

He said Miss Lou, given name Louise BennettCoverley, "had an unsurpassed impact on Jamaica culture".

"She championed our folk customs for over 50 years as a broadcaster, television personality and stage performer ... Her insistence on the inherent worth of Jamaican expression established a respect in the people for their language and tradition and helped bring about emancipation from mental and linguistic slavery," he said.

The petition has over 80 signatures up to Wednesday and Chang is calling on Jamaicans home and abroad, to sign the petition to reach 30,000 signatures within the next 27 days.

Petitions need 30,000 signatures within 30 days of being launched for the Prime Minister to look into the issues.

Bennett was bestowed with the Order of Merit (2001) and Order of Jamaica (1974).

Chang said: "All of those persons who have been following the 'cass cass' with Ishawna ... show your love for Miss Lou and sign the petition."

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