Cabbie convicted of abducting and having sex with schoolgirl

July 28, 2017

A St Thomas man, who reportedly offered a family member of an under-aged girl a Blackberry phone in exchange for not reporting him to the police, has been convicted of forcible abduction and having sexual intercourse with a girl below the age of 16. 

The man, Delton Smikle, was convicted in the St, Thomas Circuit Court today.

Smikle, a taxi operator, picked up the complainant and her sister in November 2012, and was supposed to take them to school. After taking the older sister to her school, he reportedly drove the complainant to his home where he pulled her into his home and had sexual intercourse with her. 

The complainant, who was the head girl of her school, was seen to be behaving strangely.  Later that day, she reported the incident to a family member who confronted the accused at the taxi stand. He was subsequently arrested and charge.

When the case was put to the jury today, the seven member panel retired for 20 minutes before returning a unanimous verdict of guilty.

Smikle is to be sentenced on 22 September 2017 by High Court Judge Sonia Wint Blair.


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