J'can men not special in bed ... survey finds they are no 'bedroom bullies'

July 28, 2017

Much has been said about the prowess of Jamaican men, but a recent survey found that women are not convinced they are special in bed.

A recent Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll found that men are the ones who seem most convinced they are 'bedroom bullies'.

According to the poll, 55 per cent of male respondents believe that they are better lovers when compared to men from other countries.

But of the women who responded to the survey, only three in 10 feel that Jamaican men are better lovers.

Some 44 per cent of women in the poll believe Jamaican men are either worse lovers or the same as men of other nationalities.

Pamela, a Jamaican woman who has had a Jamaican lover and one from another country, said both men performed at a similar level.

“The only thing say the foreign man was more romantic," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Him like kiss up, kiss up and wine up and love go dung while di Jamaican man dem wi just come and do dem thing, but me prefer the Jamaicans still.”

Another Jamaican woman, who did not give her name, said she had a relationship with a foreigner for almost a year. She also said that she has been with a few Jamaican men, and said she preferred Jamaicans "because dem more natural".

"The foreign man love oral sex and I don’t like that. Not everybody like it. The Jamaica man dem can do dem thing,” she said.

Sexologist Shelly-Ann Weeks said she is not surprised by the poll results, arguing that some women are trying to find pleasure while some men believe that they are in a competition.

“They talk about it (sex) as if it is something they are trying to win and so in a lot of their conversations, you don’t hear them talk about pleasing their partner. You will hear them say things like, ‘mi beat it up’ or ‘mi mash har up,” Weeks said.

Sandra, a Jamaican living in the Cayman Islands, said her experiences with Jamaican men in bed are at best forgettable.

"My most memorable and unforgettable sexual experiences have been with a foreigner from the Eastern Caribbean. He is very selfless. He caters to my sexual desire and takes pride in completely satisfying me. Sex is fun with him. It is never humdrum. We explore different positions, tactics and movements. Unfortunately, my experience with my Jamaican brothers is not comparable," she said.

Sandra said Jamaican men come up short because "they do not spend time to understand my sexual desire and pay attention to my needs."

"Their main objective tends to be getting an orgasm. They are not willing to explore and try new things," she said.

Meanwhile, men and women have basically agreed that Jamaican women are better lovers than their female compatriots elsewhere in the world.

The survey found that 48 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women feel that Jamaican women are the best lovers.

Only 15 per cent of males had a dim view of the love-making skills of Jamaican women while 11 per cent of females feel that other women are better in bed.



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